What Makes Us Different?

Why choose The Adderlane Surgery?

We believe that the essence of good general medical practice includes good access to caring, experienced and wise doctors and nurses who know you.


We aim to guarantee that you can see your own doctors within 24 hours on working days.
This is a remarkable offer in this day and age – and a promise we have been able to keep for nearly 30 years.


We believe that even if your doctors are geniuses (which they are, of course!) this is of little value if you cannot talk to them or if you feel that they don’t listen or understand.

We aim to always put you at your ease and give you the time you need in a relaxed and friendly environment.


There is very good evidence from across the country that long term continuity of care provides the safest and most effective care to patients and their families.

We have found that the easiest way to do this is in a small family practice such as our own where over the years we have been able to get to know our patients, their families and the community we work in very well. If you know us and we know you (and maybe your granddad and Aunty Mary) then it is both easier for you to explain what is wrong and for us to understand what is going on – making it easier to arrive at the best plan of action.

Friendliness, Privacy and Confidentiality

From the moment you come through the door or speak to us on the ‘phone our aim is that you should feel welcomed, unhurried and at ease. Our receptionists are great and are very much appreciated by our patients for their friendliness, patience and helpfulness.

Privacy and confidentiality are very important to us as would be expected. We have also managed to provide a service where you do not have to explain your problems to the receptionist if you are seeking an appointment. (If you need a home visit, however, the receptionist will ask for some details so that the doctor can assess the level of urgency needed).

Wisdom and Experience

We are committed to learning together in all aspects of our work. We draw lessons from our daily work and learn from each other, from our patients and from organised educational programmes. Medicine is a business where we will never have completed our learning – when we don’t know an answer we will try to work out how to get the best advice available.

What Our Patients Say

Every year the NHS sends a survey to over 2 million patients in England. These surveys ask a lot of questions about the quality of general practice service we provide – enabling you to compare our practice with others in this area. Our patients are very fulsome in their praise for the way we do things – if you would like to read their comments about issues such as how easy it is to get to speak to a doctor on the ‘phone, how easy it is to make an appointment, and are the doctors good at listening to you, are the receptionists helpful then please follow this link for the GP Patient Survey: https://www.gp-patient.co.uk