We hold an open surgery each morning – and provided that you turn up at the surgery and put your name down to be seen before 10am we GUARANTEE that you will be seen that morning – if it looks likely that you will have to wait some time to be seen, you will be advised of the likely time – leaving you free to pop home or do some shopping etc. if you prefer. We do offer a small number of bookable morning appointments on Monday, Tuesday and Friday.

On each afternoon (with the exception of Thursday, our half day) we hold appointment based surgeries – where appointments are usually available within 48 hours except in unusually busy spells.
If you need to see the Doctor, our Receptionists will not ask you why, but if you feel that you need to be seen quickly when there are no available appointments, the Doctor will probably wish to discuss this with you.

If you need to see the Doctor but think you are unable to attend the surgery you should ring the surgery before 10am if at all possible. Our Receptionists will ask for some details of your problem – this is to enable the Doctor to assess urgency, the need for special equipment and, indeed, the need for the visit. Please remember that the best place to make a good assessment of your problems is almost always at the surgery – and please also be aware that home visits take 3 or 4 times as long for our Doctors and Nurses as surgery appointments. An unnecessary visit for Mrs Smith means much less time for Mr Jones.